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Instant Pot Applesauce

Instant Pot applesauce is life changing!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 15 Servings


  • Instant Pot


  • 5-6 lbs Apples, cored
  • 1 tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice (cinnamon works too)
  • ½ cup Water
  • ¼ tsp Redmond or Pink Salt
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract


  • Put all the ingredients, except for the vanilla extract, into the Instant Pot inner pot.
  • Place the lid on the pot and make sure the steam release handle is switched to “sealing”.
  • Cook on manual/high pressure for 5 minutes.
  • When the timer goes off, do NOT move the steam release handle – just allow the steam to naturally release. Once the float valve drops, take off the lid.
  • Purée the apples – you can make the applesauce as chunky or as smooth you are prefer. I like to leave it in the Instant Pot & use an immersion blender.
  • Stir in 2 teaspoons of vanilla.
  • Serve immediately or store in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to a week.


This recipe is for an 8-quart Instant Pot. If you have a 6-quart Instant Pot, adjust the recipe by about 75%.
If your Instant Pot will not come to pressure, add another 1/4 cup of water and try again. Depending on how much water you add and the type of apples you use, your applesauce could turn out too watery for your liking.  Just continue to lightly simmer it in the instant pot or in a saucepan on the stove until some water cooks out.
Homemade applesauce is a healthy snack or dessert served by itself. You can also drizzle a little heavy cream or milk on top of hot applesauce. For a sweeter treat, top it with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  We also love applesauce as a syrup replacement.
Finally, don’t get too caught up in exact measurements. This recipe is forgiving!
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