Month: October 2021

Instant Pot Applesauce

Instant Pot Applesauce

I am forever converted to Instant Pot Applesauce!

October Gardening

October Gardening

What to plant in October in zone 9 gardens.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

Join the Sunny Farmhouse Family on Tuesday, November 16 at 7:30pm in our Gilbert, Arizona backyard garden for a spectacular night of pizza making demos, recipes, and a 3-course dinner.  We will start the evening with a dough-making demo & a healthy, organic salad.  Observe the teachers making unique pizzas while you fill your belly and learn about recipes, techniques, and all our pizza-making secrets.  Finish the night off with a gourmet dessert made from scratch. $50 per person includes the class, dinner, and handouts to take home.  


  • We are happy to discuss how we built our woodfired oven, the types of wood we use, & other details pertaining to cooking pizza in a woodfired oven, if there is interest.  
  • We realize that most people will be cooking their pizzas in a traditional kitchen oven, so we always discuss optional tips and tricks for improving indoor pizza making skills!  You can make amazing pizzas without a woodfired oven!!
  • We will start with the very basics of yeast and types of flours, so don’t be shy if you are a beginner. All skill levels are welcome, including those that are just coming for dinner!
  • This is not a hands-on class for our guests, but private hands-on classes may be available by contacting
  • Our class and dinner involves gluten, but we will discuss ways & offer samples of reduced-gluten options. There will be numerous vegetarian options. Please let us know if you have dietary concerns before registering for the class.
  • We use high-quality, fresh ingredients including our own organically-grown garden harvests as things are in-season.  Organic ingredients are used as much as possible and meats are nitrate and nitrite-free.  We carefully select ingredients that do not contain inflammatory oils, food coloring, high-fructose corn syrup, gums, and a number of other questionable ingredients.
  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed anywhere on the property.
  • The evening will be educational and fun!  This is a perfect event to bring a friend or date.
  • Please come hungry & plan to stay for a while!
  • ** I am offering a one-time introductory discount of $90 per couple for anyone that brings a friend.  Use coupon code “pizzafriends” for this discount by 11:59pm on  November 10, 2021

Payment: Venmo or contact for other payment options.

Space is limited – Register today!!

Questions or register by contacting


*50% refund after 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

*No refunds after 11:59pm on Sunday, November 14, 2021


**When I was invited to Becky’s Garden Pizza Party, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She and her husband hosted a group of women and shared their love for pizza.  They make the dough from scratch (we even sampled a sourdough starter pizza … which was my favorite) and used produce from their garden to create delicious pizzas.  -Jill O, Gilbert, AZ

**I never thought I’d be into cooking or attending cooking classes. I took a couple classes before Becky’s and she quite instantly changed my whole perspective. It is clear Becky has the passion and knowledge that most people strive to obtain. Not only was the cooking class very beneficial, she went over basics and taught more intricate tricks through visual techniques such as how to properly knead the pizza dough and roll out the dough for toppings. She knew exactly how to plan and organize a memorable night through lots of fresh pizza and unique details like rosemary from her garden to decorate each plate. Fresh ingredients and a variety of toppings were also introduced and given to the guests to taste. Becky also introduced Kamut flour for those that might have sensitivities to gluten. Though it was a cooking class, she also introduced gardening techniques and the seasonal plants for the summer. Again, Becky has the passion for cooking but most importantly cares most about those in her classes and continuously amazes those that attend through providing guests with unforgettable experiences and teachings. I am so grateful and feel so lucky I was able to attend Becky’s cooking class.   -Keria G, Gilbert, AZ

**I attended the Garden to Table cooking class with Becky. This class was not only very informative, but super fun and energetic with amazing samples! I learned new techniques for preparing pizza dough using Kamut flour and sourdough starter, as well as proper cooking techniques using a regular indoor oven and a specialty outdoor pizza oven. Becky introduced interesting flavors, like blueberry with ricotta and potato with rosemary, alongside traditional favorites such as margarita. A unique addition to this pizza class were the fresh herbs and vegetables Becky used from her agriscaped home garden. She taught about planting and growing successfully in a desert climate, and what items would be successful this particular time of year. I was so inspired by Becky’s instruction that I purchased a 25 pound bag of Kamut flour and planted an Armenian cucumber! Thanks, Sara S, Gilbert, AZ

**Attending Becky’s pizza class was a treat to the senses. Her presentation was engaging, beautiful, and educational. She inspired me to try new ways of cooking and flavor combinations on my homemade pizzas. I highly recommend her class for the food, the connections, and an esthetically pleasing delight. -Stephanie P, Gilbert, AZ

**Becky put together a wonderful class last month called Demos and Tastings Pizza Party.  Everything from the mint/lemon water on our tables, showing us how to make different pizza doughs, choosing imaginative pizza toppings, and cooking them in their outdoor pizza oven while we watched were spot on!  Becky has a lot of experience in making pizzas and discussing what worked and what didn’t, but the real key for me was her willingness to just try new things.  I’m still thinking about her potato, rosemary, and mozzarella pizza!  Yum! -Dana W, Gilbert, AZ

**Becky held a pizza class for women at their outdoor pizza oven in their backyard. Becky made several different varieties both in toppings and pizza dough. It was a very educational and tasty way to spend an evening.   Becky has managed to create a healthy garden of eden in her backyard. She has also taught other classes regarding gardening  – on what to grow and when, as well as how to use all that she grows. She took the time to explain working with yeast as well as sour dough to reduce gluten.  She also shared several of her favorite cookbooks to get additional recipes. All in all, the presentation and decor made this event very fun and enjoyable. I hope to attend more of her classes in the future. -Lisa S, Gilbert, AZ

**I had the best time with my mom and sister at Becky’s pizza class. She had everything beautifully decorated with unique place settings for each guest. She had the whole night organized to perfection! I love how she incorporated her fresh garden produce in every way possible, from the lemon and mint water, mixed greens in the salad and homemade salad dressing to the fresh herbs on the pizza. The informational page on the products she used in her recipes was very helpful too. Of course the 7 different types of pizza she and her husband made were the best I have ever enjoyed! I loved the unique mix of pizzas we sampled and the Thai and Blueberry dessert pizzas were my favorite. I look forward to taking more classes from Becky in the future. Thank you. -Suzy I, Queen Creek, AZ

Veggie Lentil Soup

Veggie Lentil Soup

Hearty, healthy, simple & inexpensive soup!